Friday, July 19, 2013

The Fonz {Fun}

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We set out to drive out along the Delaware again, but this time to Narrowsburg NY and with doggy in tow. We only got as far as the Chatterbox Drive-In in Augusta, NJ though. Neither one of us could ignore the parking lot full of hot rods, so it took about a minute before we decided to turn around.

Doggy in a jeep Chatterbox Drive-In Hot Rod Show The Fonz

For those of you who don't know us personally, here's a little story on how we met. We both like cars, we both like Volkswagens (well he used to, they will always be my favorite), and we both like to gather with the friends we've made as a result of this. What is strange, is that it took over 10 years for us to meet while running the same circles. But about a year ago, at a barbecue full of our car enthusiast friends, we happened to be in the same place at the same time ♥

Hot Rod Chatterbox Drive-In SRS

One thing we had yet to do was go to a car show together, mostly because neither of us had really been to one in a while before we met. So this impromptu opportunity gave us the chance to see some really great classic cars, enjoy some yummy burgers, and get the puppy outdoors and around some people.

Volkswagen Beetle Air cooled Corvette Hot Rod SRS Chatterbox Drive-In

Hot Rod Cadillac Chatterbox Drive-In Classic Car

Surprise number two of the day: Henry Winkler aka "The Fonz" was there signing autographs and taking pictures. Neither one of us was brave enough to get in line, so we snapped pics of him with some random person. LOL

The Fonz Henry Winkler Chatterbox Drive-In Hot Rod

Once we had our fill of cars, burgers, and celebrities, we hit the road again. It was a little too late to head up to Narrowsburg, but we were only a short drive away from Sunrise Mountain. Though quite foggy, nothing can ever make this place look anything but beautiful.

Sunrise Mountain Stokes State Forest Foggy Sunset Mountains

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