Wednesday, July 31, 2013

love, Love, LOVE {My Favorite Things}

If you follow a lot of blogs (like I do) but don't always have the time to read new posts (like I don't) and would love to satisfy your OCD fix (like I have) in the process, I have just the thing for you: Bloglovin'.  It organizes all of your favorites in one place just waiting for you to have the time to read them. You don't miss a beat, you stay informed, and you get to experience all of the cool stuff on your own time.

Bloglovin' screenshot Elated Memories Blog

And with the mobile app for Apple and Android you can take it all with you: to the beach, soccer practice, or even Doggy Day Tripping on the Delaware ;)

Bloglovin' Dog Elated Memories

Bloglovin' even gives you psychic powers!!! I know exactly what you're thinking RIGHT NOW! And the answer is: YES! You CAN follow Elated Memories on Bloglovin', too!

Follow Elated Memories with Bloglovin'

Ok, so maybe I embellished a little bit about the psychic powers :P Google+

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