Friday, February 1, 2013

Shh... It's A Surprise! {30th Birthday}

When Gina told me she wanted to throw her husband, Joe a surprise bash for his upcoming 30th birthday I knew we were in for some fun. The words "epic" and "ultimate" were used very often when she spoke of her hubby's secret event. All of the details needed to scream Joe and bring to life his awesome personality that everyone who knows and loves him is quite fond of.

We started out with a simple picture of his motorcycle. A few tweaks later and I had a great illustration of his road machine framed by gray and black stripes radiating from the center. The invitations were printed on pearl cardstock to give it that illustrious touch.

Envelopes were outfitted with coordinating wrap labels (a recent addition to my product line). The recipient's addresses were printed over the subtle "30," giving them a hint of what to expect inside of the envelope. While the return address was surrounded by "Shh... It's a surprise!" reminding them to keep it under wraps.

Gina needed to dress up the cake a bit, so I created a cake topper and hand cut motorcycle decorations. I love how these layers looked on the custom cake. The guests got to take home some of Joe's favorite refreshments, complete with custom tags that read "Joe's Power Pack" (Red Bull and Girl Scout cookie flavored Nestle Crunch bars).

Happy Birthday Joe! Hope you enjoyed your day :)

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