Friday, January 18, 2013

Hungry Little Caterpillar {Birth Announcement}

This little guy just turned one (wow, how time flies!), and is showing just how hungry of a little caterpillar he is.

Last year when his parents (long time friends of mine, Allison and Mike) asked me to create his birth announcement, I was both honored and excited. I created just what they were looking for, including The Very Hungry Little Caterpillar theme Alli said they were incorporating in the nursery. She also sent me some fabulous photos taken at the hospital of their brandy new addition.

Mikey is such a handsome little man. Adorable, friendly, and already so selfless. We recently did a Breast Cancer Awareness Walk together, where I got to give him his first cupcake. YUM!

Happy Birthday, Mikey!!!


  1. We were absolutely THRILLED when we received the Hungry Caterpillar announcement cards. They were so beautiful, and the fact that they were made by a dear friend made them even more special. Delilah, we cannot thank you enough for sharing your gift with us. ♥

  2. thanks for share...