Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted {What I'm Eating} + {Fun}

The Fall weather is making things a little too brisk for my tropical blood. That's why I'm spending it reminiscing of our beach vacation last month... and these delicious ice cream sandwiches!

At least a few days a week, my taste buds crave something new. So of course I head to the internet, starting out at Pinterest or looking through some of my favorite food blogs for inspiration. On this hot August day, PaleOMG had the perfect treat to satisfy my sweet tooth: Ice Cream Sandwiches! Since I have no problem eating dairy (I love milk and cheese waaaay too much!), I used real all natural vanilla ice cream. Such a great treat any time of the year. Trust me, you will NOT be disappointed :)

Once my foodie binge was over, it was time for VACATION!!! Gorgeous weather allowed for so much outdoor fun that began with the Rumblers Hot Rod Show. We were in custom classic car heaven, with each ride we came upon sweeter than the last. Definitely a fun time with music from local bands and the buzz of tattoo machines in the background. Ahhhhhh!

I had to do a double take when I saw the lace print painted on the roof of this beauty.  So unique and detailed, its a shame that I just could NOT get a picture decent enough to do it justice.  And the leather sided Chevy was nothing short of amazing.  So many special details, you just know the owner spent lots of time carefully constructing it all.


After the show, it was time to head to the shore in Point Pleasant.  Such a great town with no shortage of great food and hospitality, you can't help but want those few days to never end.  But no trip DTS (that's down the shore for you non Jersey folk), is complete without a visit to the beach!  The water was beautiful and the sky was so blue, it definitely was a great day to relax and nap underneath the warm sun.

Last stop that night was the Stone Pony's Summer Stage for music under the stars.  After years of listening to The Dropkick Murphys from my iPod, I finally got to see them live.  They definitely didn't disappoint, as you can see from this shot of the last song of the evening. Its a tradition to have the crowd join them up on stage, and every inch was filled with a singing fan.

Only one day left before going back the busyness of real life.  We were headed back home to enjoy some time with the puppy.  With the weather on our side, it was the perfect time for her to enjoy a swim in the cool waters of the Delaware River.

We all truly enjoyed every second of those special days, and can't wait to do it all again next summer!

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