Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Something New

Event design has always been a favorite pastime of mine. Creating different elements that come together as a whole package to personalize a special occasion, and seeing it come to life… I’ll never be able to fully describe the enjoyment that it brings me!

I have designed for all types of events, from large weddings to small and intimate family celebrations. No matter what the event or how large, the same thing is always constant: the host/hostess wants a way to personalize the event to make it special. If you have found yourself wanting to accomplish the same goal, and have a crafty hand (or even a not-so-crafty hand) then I have the perfect solution for you: PRINTABLES

What are printables, exactly? Printables are a way for you to create design elements in your own home. They give you the freedom to add a custom touch in as simple or over the top you would like. Elements like: cupcake toppers, celebration banners, thank you tags, and much more! Choose the design you like, print on your home printer (or at your local office supply store), then you are free do whatever you please to dress up your event. It’s that simple and you have the ability to print as little or as many as you like to use anyway that you see fit at your event!

If you follow the Elated Memories Facebook page, you may have noticed that I have been promoting some of the new projects in the Printables Line. Currently, there are two themes in the new Etsy shop (EM Printables): Cars 2 Inspired and Cupcake. New items and themes are being added daily and prices are extremely reasonable, starting at just $5.00 for a customized PDF file that you can print over and over again as many times as you want! Don’t see a theme that you need or want? I would be happy to create a new collection based on your idea, just ask!

I am hard at work developing new collections to display in the shop. Soon there will be something for every occasion imaginable. Check back often, subscribe to the blog, become a fan of the Facebook page, favorite the shop on Etsy – however you decide to stay informed, there will be plenty of creativity displayed that may be useful to your or someone you know. Like what you see? Know someone planning an event? Spread the word by sharing the Facebook page or links to items in the shop. Any form of support is greatly appreciated.

Excited doesn’t begin to describe how I feel about this new endeavor, so I’ll have lots to say about it as it all comes together just like the events I have designed for :)

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